What is Original Transfer?
Original Transfer is a marker that dissolves printing toner and transfers it to another surface.


How does it work? It’s simple!
Just put the printed image on the object you want to transfer to and mark over it with the Original Transfer pen. Rub with a flat object to ensure smooth results.
Remove the paper and you’re done! Make sure your original is “flopped” (mirror image). You can see all the steps in our tutorial.



What kind of surface can Original Transfer be used on?
The Original Transfer marker can be used on cloth, paper, wood, cork, dry clay, and ceramic. The surface needs to be porous enough to quickly absorb the marking liquid. Other surfaces have showed results as well. Each material gives a different effect, so it’s worth experimenting to get the most out of what this incredible marker can do!!!


Does it work with any kind of printer?
Original Transfer transfers toner ink, meaning inkjet printers are NOT adequate for a good transfer. Laser (toner) printers can be found in any fast print shop or library. There you can make a print from your own art done at home or from any book or magazine.
You can also transfer in color, but since your final product is a transfer, not a print, the image you’ll end up with will be somewhat lighter.


Do I need special paper?
No, simple photocopier paper works just fine.


What about text?
Since the image you transfer will be flopped, they should always be printed using the printer’s “mirror effect”. There are several way to accomplish this:
The simplest way is to ask for mirror effect when at the print shop.

If you have and “Office” program on your PC, open your image with “Microsoft Pictures Manager” and choose the image editing option. You also could use Lunapic, which is like an online mini-Photoshop. There’s no need to download or install it; to got to the Lunapic effect click here.


Can I use the original print to make more than one transfer?
No, each print only works for one transfer, as the marker transfers the ink directly from the printed image. If you want to make more than one transfer, it’s best to print out several pages of the same image.


How long does the marker last?
It’s hard to say, as it depends on the frequency and intensity of use.
The liquid in the marker evaporates very quickly, so the marker will not last as long as a typical marking pen. Try not to use it on areas that don’t have an image, and always keep it firmly capped when not in use.



originaltransfer-ex1 originaltransfer-ex2 originaltransfer-ex3 originaltransfer-ex4








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