Hi to everyone
Here we are again to present the following project, in this case we will use the Original Transfer transfer pen, a unique marker that is revolutionizing the world of crafts.
As we explained in the presentation of the marker, with it you can transfer to any porous material, and you can not forget that the photocopy of the image that you want to transfer must be made in photocopy laser-toner, can be found in any stationery or copy shop Our population. At home we usually have inkjet, it’s not going to work.
Do not forget to also maximize the colors of the image, the more color our photocopy has, the more it will come off, and if your image contains texts like the following tutorial, you have to make it mirror effect, do not worry when you make the photocopy You can do it right there.
Come on, let’s start !!
What better for this summer than a custom espadrilles …. we can transfer any image that we find on the internet, the name of your child, the drawing that the little girl does, you make the photocopy and put it in the espadrilles and not They will want to remove them !!


  • Shoes
  • Original Transfer
  • Wood depressor (or something similar)
  • Masking tape
  • Photocopy of the image to be transferred.

First of all we will wash our espadrilles to remove the size you can carry, you do not need to submerge all the espadrille in water, simply with a clean cloth moisten it with a little soap and pass it over the espadrille, remove the soap with it Cloth dampened, and let dry.
Once dry, we will put our image on top of the espadrille with the image touching the fabric, and we will fix it with bodyguard tape. Normally we only put tape on one side of our image so that we can get up and checking how it is going to be, but in this case, as we have very little room for maneuver, we will fix it well, so that nothing is moved. I remind you that it is permanent and that at the moment it is dry, therefore if we move the image, we will not be able to rectify and we will always see the error.

Once our image is fixed, we will pass the marker behind the photocopy, a single pass, as you see in the video. Then we scratch with the depressor, you have to rub it hard to notice that we scratch, and our paper has to be wet from the marker, if the paper is not transferred, if our image is too big or we want to do the whole shoe, We will do it by parts, so that it gives us time to scratch while it is wet.

We lift our image … and we already have a sandals SINGLE !!!

I hope you have liked and encouraged you to wear your own designs this summer, in espadrilles, T-shirts, dresses, … the creativity has no end.


* NOTE: all transfers made in cloth, can be washed, we recommend a gentle washing.


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